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Hydrogen energy is a green, efficient secondary energy source that is recognized worldwide and is called the “ultimate energy source” of the 21st century. In recent years, China is aggressively driving hydrogen and fuel cell development. In the first seven months of 2019, installed capacity of hydrogen fuel cells has increased six-fold.

According to the “White Paper on China’s Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry” released in June 2019, hydrogen energy will become one of the most important parts of China’s energy system. It is estimated that by 2050, hydrogen energy will account for about 10% of China’s energy system, of which hydrogen demand will be close to 60 million tons, and annual economic output value will exceed 10 trillion yuan.

Ongoing national and regional policy support and massive capital resources have been committed to nurture the rapid development of the industry. China is no doubt has become one of the leading and biggest market of hydrogen and fuel cell in the world, which will advance tremendous opportunities for international companies in the sector.

The International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Business Delegation to China will give global companies the knowledge and the contacts necessary to take your operation to the next level in China. Whether you are starting out and want to decide if China is right for you, or you have started business in China but want to review your strategy, this delegation will benefit your business by building valuable local connections.

For detailed information, please download the Delegation Intro Brochure 2020 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Delegation to China