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ClearCove Systems is a wastewater treatment solutions company and renewable energy company in one. Their breakthrough primary treatment solution is bringing fundamental, disruptive change to the wastewater industry worldwide. And while ClearCove Systems is built around a solution that separates organics from wastewater, the company’s focus is to effect positive change by introducing dramatic energy reduction in treatment processes—and by enabling treatment plants to become self–sustaining through renewable-energy production.

Technology Description:
Here’s how ClearCove’s technology revolutionizes front-end wastewater treatment: Flow velocity is decreased. This allows gravity to work, and solids settle at the bottom of the primary tank; Cleaner surface water is screened and discharged to downstream, secondary treatment;The resulting high–caloric primary sludge is captured, drawn off, and pumped to the anaerobic digester for energy production. ClearCove revolutionizes and enhances the primary wastewater treatment process—one that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 50 years.

The idea? Remove the bulk of the organic solids upfront—using simple velocity reduction and gravity—and capture the resulting sludge while it’s still rich with energy–producing potential. Fine screening, grit removal, flow equalization, and clarification processes are all achieved in a single tank with remarkable efficiency.

Currently Seeking:
Strategic/Equity Alliance, Direct Investment, Pilot/Demonstration Project

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