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CRI Catalyst Company is part of CRI/Criterion, Inc., the global catalyst technology company of the Shell Group. CRI’s headquarter is located in Houston, Texas, USA. CRI operates catalyst manufacturing sites in the USA as well as in Europe. CRI has access to state of the art R&D facilities in Houston, Texas, USA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Bangalore, India. For the Environmental catalyst business sales and technical service can be provided via our offices in the Houston, Texas, USA, Fareham, Great Britain, Singapore and Shanghai, China.

Technology Description:
CRI Catalyst Company provides reliable and cost-effective catalyst solutions and systems for environmental emission control, including flue gas treatment catalysts, for: – NOx removal via Selective Catalytic Reduction – Catalytic Dioxin Destruction – N2O decomposition – Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds and Carbon Monoxide

CRI technology destroys N2O, converting it into naturally occurring nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2). It is well suited to reducing N2O emissions from the tail gas streams of industrial and chemical process plants such as nitric acid, Caprolactam and adipic acid plants – all significant emitters of N2O.

CRI VOC and CO removal technology allows for removal of these compounds via catalytic oxidation. Catalytic oxidation converts VOCs into gas containing commonly occurring carbon dioxide and water.

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