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Global DPF product development, design, engineering, testing, assembly and quality control tests are done in Ontario. Boshart’s Global DPF diesel particulate filter technology is certified by the California Air Resources Department efficient technologies. Boshart Engineering Company for Global DPF products have high standards. To meet stringent design and optimum performance, Boshart uses the highest quality materials and the most sophisticated manufacturing process throughout production. This is why the Global DPF uses the durable, robust stainless steel and metal mesh filter for manufacturing, all to continue to provide rapid re-cleaning.

Global DPF, the first active diesel particulate filter with a 10 minute regeneration time which provides diesel vehicle owners and operators a quality, cost effective solution. Their Ontario, California offices serve all their distributor and fleet owner needs.

Technology Description:
Global DPF is an active metal mesh substrate which is acknowledged as the California Air Resources Department certification 3 + class diesel particulate filter. It can reduce particulate matter emissions by at least 85%. Diesel filter is a devise with the same principle as a catalyst converter in the car. It traps particulate matter contained in diesel exhaust, to prevent their discharge into the air. Global DPF can tolerate a variety of quality diesel fuel and will not react to the low quality fuel and pollutants in the market. When engines are operating, the excessive particulate matter trapped in portion of the metal mesh substrates. In order to remove trapped particles, the filter must be cleaned. Then washing Global diesel particulate filter is very simple: just put the car into neutral and press the button. Fuel is injected into furnace section to produce heat. Heat causes particles to safely ignite and burn wholly. Internal metal substrate allows rapid heating and cooling, so the second cleaning process is completed in 10 minutes or less time.

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