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International Metals & Energy Technology (IMET) Ltd. is an automotive R&D company founded by Julius J. Rim, Ph.D., who holds three U.S. patents in advanced diesel emission control strategy (DECS) and fuel efficiency-enhancing technology, trademarked as GreenPower Muffler or DPF & Hydrated EGR system. Dr. Rim pioneered the world’s first DECS at the GM Tech Center in Warren, Mich., in the early 1980s. He licensed his FBC-DPF patents to Korea in 1996, and to Japan in 2005 for Japan’s NOx-PM retrofit campaign. GreenPower technology also reduces air pollution from the large engines of oceangoing vessels (OGVs). Rim has won an award from the Port of Los Angeles to commercialize the technology, which is under consideration by a well-known cruise line for the technology demonstration on a cruise vessel. GreenPower technology can reduce costs and provide fuel savings for the U.S. DECS market demands. IMET seeks partnerships, investment and licensing to commercialize this patented technology offering environmental and economic benefits to worldwide.

Technology Description:
International Metals & Energy Technology (IMET) designs, develops and produces advanced emission control equipment for use on diesel engines. IMET’s GreenPower™ Muffler and the GreenPower™ Oil Borne Catalyst (OBC), together referred to as the GreenPower™ Muffler System, saves fuel by reducing engine friction and recovering muffler waste heat. The GreenPower™ Oil Borne Catalyst (OBC) reduces engine friction and prolongs engine life. It also regenerates DPF efficiently to reduce fuel penalty. Recently, CARB approved the use of GreenPower™ OBC in a retrofit of an OGV marine diesel engine in the U.S.

Currently Seeking:
Joint Venture, Strategic/Equity Alliance, Contract Manufacturing, Pilot/Demonstration Project

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