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UCCTC’s Joint Incubation Program supports cleantech companies interested in making a move to China, the U.S., or Israel by building a bridge into the other country and positioning companies for success in the local marketplace. The Program combines a physical presence in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv with a robust “virtual incubation” presence in China, solidified by partnerships in anchoring Chinese cities who not only offer joint programs on their innovation campuses for their collective hundreds startups, but share resources so that startups can meet each other across markets and regions and connect with a broader venture community.

Program Highlights:
• First of its kind connecting three Green-Tech Powerhouses
• Integration of physical and “virtual” innovation assets
• Eco-system based platform – easily adaptable across other cities/urban corridors
• Full-time Founders and Staff
• Experienced coaches and mentors (many mentors are also investors)
• Focus on agile teams & scalable clean technologies/solutions
• Presented to investors during innovation competitions & deal-making Days
• We have the potential capital to (co)invest via GreenMaker Innovation Fund