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Pangea Motors, LLC (Pangea) is a designer, developer and manufacturer of low speed (LSV) and medium speed (MSV) on-road electric vehicles. Pangea has targeted large scale transportation market segments and applications that maximizes the advantages of the electric car and mitigate or eliminate the primary issues related to range and infrastructure. Pangea has created a capital conservation business strategy through partnerships and rapid proto -typing designs that radically reduces the large upfront costs typical associated with traditional automotive manufacturing including production vehicle costs, manufacturing costs, shipping and distribution. By significantly reducing these costs and focusing on specific markets for people and goods movement, Pangea is able to build vehicles that are cost effective and reliable while answering some of the most pressing issues plaguing our cities and dense urban settings.

Technology Description:
Pangea Motors has created a zero emissions, cost-superior mass transit solution with the World Bus electric bus. The World Bus is a medium speed (MSEV) electric vehicle that combines a modular design, advanced battery technology and a capital efficient business model to create a complete electric transportation company.

The Pangea Motors World Bus is a 20-seater, fully electric city shuttle that is built for urban mass transit. It has state-of-the-art features that makes it safe and eco-friendly. The World Bus is ideal for densely populated city centers where air quality, noise reduction and pedestrian safety are paramount concerns.

Currently Seeking:
Joint Venture, Strategic/Equity Alliance, Direct Investment

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