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Reklaim, Inc. is a breakthrough technology company dedicated to transforming the way we manage scrap tires. The company is poised to launch a new sector of the Green Economy—one that promotes essential and substantive environmental and public health benefits and also delivers attractive economic returns to investors.

Technology Description:
Reklaim recycles rubber into valuable carbon black & energy products, while transforming the way the world manages scrap tires and launching a new sector in the green economy. Reklaim’s technology allows for precise temperature control, as well as a combustion free process which results in a high quality recovered carbon black that outperforms competition.

The central element Reklaim’s patented technology is pyrolysis, a thermal process by which hydrocarbon materials are broken down into smaller constituent materials in an oxygen-free environment. Reklaim’s process utilizes rubber from waste tires, a feedstock that is in overabundance with significant environmental and health concerns. Their technology is currently in use at our commercial scale manufacturing facility located in Boardman, Oregon.

Currently Seeking:
Direct Sales (Exports), Direct Investment, Joint Venture, Strategic/Equity Alliance

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