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Some Quotes from Delegation Participants:

“The trip far exceeded my expectations. I have to give the organizers a lot of credit and gratitude for pulling together such an interesting group of companies and such large and prestigious set of participants on the Chinese side.  We were treated like royalty. There is no way we could have gotten such great exposure on our own. I came away with a greatly enhanced understanding of the Chinese market and real progress toward improving our marketing approach to this very large market.”

Dr. Peter Lilienthal — CEO, HOMER Energy (Boulder, Colorado, U.S.)

“As a Canadian company, we felt particularly privileged to join an excellent group of Companies on this visit.  I cannot imagine a more efficient way to present our value proposition to a wide audience of commercial and political entities in China.  The trip was well planned down to the minute, and therefore very productive.  Language differences were very well managed.  Fortunately, the timing for growth in the hydrogen use in China was perfect, and we have made many useful contacts.”

Walter Howard — CEO, Next Hydrogen (Vancouver, Canada)

“We participated in the UCCTC delegation held in November 2019, going from city to city and meeting with companies and individuals from different aspects of the Chinese market, pitching first and meetings after. As a startup company preparing itself for a Go-To-Market plan, this experience gave us a very good perspective of our technology that we are truly in the right direction. We finalized the delegation with a very good contacts to allow us a path to the Chinese market. The UCCTC team did a tremendous work so these meetings and the companies are the most relevant for us. KUDOS. The other aspect is the group we came with – American, European and Israeli companies – All of them with excellent technologies and with great people leading them, it is a friendship for the future.”

Yaron Shenhav — CEO, SolCold (Tel Aviv, Israel)



On November 11st to 15th, 2019, the U.S.-China Clean Tech Center (UCCTC) organized an international New Energy and New materials Business Delegation to visit China for a week of friendly and highly productive meetings and network building. The delegation was led by Dr. Feng An, President of UCCTC, along with 17 international companies from the United States, Canada, Israel, Switzerland and Spain specialized in hydrogen, fuel cells, solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, battery materials, nano-materials, membrane materials, and bio-materials. The tour provided the delegation an opportunity to participate in one-on-one business talks and on-site visits in 5 cities of China, and allowed the delegation to meet total over 300 leading companies, JV partners, investors, and teaming partners, laying the foundation for future strategic collaboration and projects with the International and Chinese parties.

2019.11delegation51  2019.11delegation1



On November 11th, UCCTC and Shanghai Lingang Group co-hosted the “Shanghai International New Energy and New Materials Business Cooperation Conference” in Lingang New District. At the conference, our delegation companies were able to meet and network with over 60 companies and investors from around 5 districts in Shanghai, discuss potential collaboration, and communicate about potential projects.

2019.11delegation41  2019.11delegation2



On November 12th, the “Dongying International New Energy and New Materials Business Cooperation Conference” hosted by UCCTC and Dongying city government was successfully held at the Imperial Blue Sea Hotel. This conference attracted more than 100 representatives of Dongying enterprises in the relevant industry as well as investors and local government leaders. After early negotiations, some enterprises reached preliminary cooperation agreements and were able to sign MOU on-site. U.S. Sepion Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongying Zhaoyuan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., Swiss Insolight and Shandong SMT Co., Ltd., U.S. Radii Robotics Co., Ltd. and Defang Power Engineering (Shandong) Co., Ltd. signed MOU respectively in the conference.

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On November 13th, the delegation participated in “Choosing Shandong — International New Energy and New Materials Industry Cooperation Conference” organized by Shandong Department of Commerce and UCCTC. Over 200 representatives from 12 different cities, including municipal government leaders, CEOs and Executives from leading enterprises and investors in Shandong province participated in this event. Delegates had the opportunity to make company presentations to promote their technologies and products and they also conducted one-on-one business matchmaking with local enterprises, 30 of whom reached preliminary cooperation agreement.

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2019.11delegation121  2019.11delegation13



On November 14th, the delegation visited the city of Guangzhou, where they had access to pre-arranged meetings with Guangdong-based investors, partners, and government officials. During the “2019 Guangdong International New Energy and New Materials Cooperation Conference” hosted by the Guangdong Department of Commerce and UCCTC, delegates had the opportunity to make company presentations to an audience of 110 corporates and investors seeking innovative technologies for local project integration, partnerships and investment, as well as roundtable discussion and working luncheon with the governmental leaders to discuss the landscape, ecosystem, and opportunities for international joint collaboration on new energy and new materials industry.

At the conference, Deputy Director of Guangdong Department of Commerce Yuehua Chen introduced the investment and business environment in Guangdong as well as in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. He emphasized that Guangdong would create more cooperation platforms and provide sound business environment and services for foreign companies to cooperate with the province.

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On November 15th, the delegation traveled to Qingyuan and participated the “2019 Qingyuan International New Energy and New Materials Cooperation Conference”. At the conference, our delegation companies and local enterprises conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation in the field of new energy and new materials. After their presentations and business matchmakings, the group participated in site visits to local manufacturing facilities in need of new energy and new materials technology solutions and industrial zones focused on clean energy development. The off-site meetings facilitated a first-hand account and deeper understanding among the delegates as to the business environment local companies face as well as the technology and business opportunities available for international companies.

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