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Driven by the dual carbon goals, China’s financial and corporate management evaluation system is gradually evolving to an ESG framework. Guided by ESG compliance, EDN Technologies provides manufacturers with a mature and intelligent digital infrastructure software management platform. The platform provides low-carbon or zero-carbon digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, transparent management of energy consumption in industrial production processes, reducing resource waste, improving production efficiency and yield, reducing operating costs, and integrating existing decentralized information management platforms. Provide a powerful unified digital management platform. The EDN platform acquires and generates high-quality and accurate data in manufacturing and supply chain processes through a series of digital perception technologies, providing enterprises with an ESG-compliant decision-making environment, including how to avoid environmental crises and protect natural resources in manufacturing and supply chains, reduce carbon pollution and waste of energy resources, save water, improve worker safety, improve health, and increase profitability.

EDN is currently used by customers in more than 36 countries in the global original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and sub-supplier supply chain. EDN will also provide high-quality services for many Chinese manufacturing enterprises in the process of digital transformation guided by the ESG framework.

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