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SensorComm is building a better, more sustainable world with smart IoT solutions for transportation, healthcare and energy. We provide Wi-NOx™ pollution monitoring systems for vehicles and emission sensing for natural gas infrastructure. Our systems provide information and intelligence, leading to efficiencies that enable individuals to make smarter choices for themselves, and the world around them.

Wi-NOx™ is SensorComm’s IoT-based NOx emissions monitoring system. Installed at the tailpipe, Wi-NOx™ captures the real-time pollution footprint of vehicles and provides operational efficiencies (fuel savings, emissions reduction, and extended asset life), that contribute to cleaner air, lower healthcare costs and improved quality of life. Vehicle emissions are more than just pollution. They contain unique data signatures that are rich with information about the driver, the vehicle, the fuel, the pollution and the environmental impact. At SensorComm, we extract, analyze and transform those data signatures into real-time business intelligence. Wi-NOx™ monitors NOx emissions at the exhaust tailpipe (where pollution enters the environment) and provides transportation managers with emissions reduction, fuel savings and extended asset life.

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