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IE Drives Is The Leader In The Development Of Drivetrains And Drivetrain Development For Hybrid And Electric Vehicles. For over two decades, IEdrives and its people have had extensive experiences supporting the development of drivetrains and drivetrain balance of plant components for electric and hybrid series electric vehicles. IEdrives’ personnel have participated in multiple programs for both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers and DOE (Department of Energy) programs. Programs such as PNGV (Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles) and FreedomCAR (Cooperative Automotive Research) resulted in extensive activities in support of fuel cell power plants.  IEdrives personnel have participated in a significant number of clean sheet drive train development projects. These activities included definition, build and analysis for a number of specialty and one-off vehicles.  Among the more notable projects was the initial design and fabrication of the original Proterra electric bus.

The heart of our transmission technology is the result of over 30 years of continuous on-going NASCAR racing development by one of its premier transmission suppliers. The NASCAR demands on transmission performance demands absolute reliability, rock-solid durability with minimal efficiency losses. In a joint venture development, IEdrives and G-Force have evolved this industry leading NASCAR 4-speed transmission technology to meet the unique and difficult requirements of high speed and high torque electric motor drives.

Edrives multi-speed, Electric Vehicle Transmissions (EVTs) are fully Automated Manual Transmissions (AMTs). All of IEdrives multi-speed EVTs are specifically designed to be integrated with and controlled by a VCU (vehicle control units). These AMTs are not intended to be manually shifted or manually commanded to shift without the aid of a VCU. Our EVT series of heavy duty transmission are specifically designed for use with either high speed electric motors or with high torque electric motors that power medium and heavy duty trucks and buses. These transmissions offer electric shift using 12 Vdc power. Our multi-speed transmissions are fully controllable with a half bridge on the master Vehicle’s Control Unit (VCU). This feature allows the integrator to avoid the additional cost and complexity of using a separate slave Transmission Control Unit (TCU). Integrated into all of our AMTs is the ability to provide 100% position feedback to the VCU, ensuring 100% positive shifts. Both of our AMT and single fixed reducer EVTs typically utilizes heavy, broad face, ground helical gear sets to provide the highest efficiency, a long durable life and very low noise generation.
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