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Since 2015 SolarGaps has been on a mission to make energy free and accessible to all. We are pioneering a method of energy distribution that will power the offices, homes and cities of the future. By exploring innovative concepts and adopting new technologies, we can help move every city closer to their Net Zero goals. It is our vision that one day, the home will not be connected to the grid, but rather the grid will be connected to the homes.

SolarGaps blinds are the first blinds that automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy while keeping your apartment or office cool. Installed on the outside of the building, our blinds will not only lower your power bills but also provide active shading to reduce air conditioning usage and consequently, reduce your carbon footprint.

The SolarGaps system consists of solar panels connected by a durable steel cable or by rigid guides to ensures secure attachment, even when the wind is strong. These facade blinds fully retract for a clean appearance and are protected by a headbox. The length of the wire provided corresponds to the window height plus an additional one and a half meter. The system is connected to the electrical grid through the inverter that transforms solar power into electricity. This, in turn, means the amount of energy used from your electrical providers will be reduced by the amount of electricity generated by the blinds. The operating temperature of SolarGaps blinds ranges from -20°C up to 60°C at the relative humidity of 20% and from -10°C up to 40°C at a humidity of 80% correspondingly. In the case of severe weather conditions, the blinds should be fully retracted. Strong metal blinds will protect your apartment from burglars while mobile app account protection makes these smart blinds pointless to steal.

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