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AcraDyne offers a full line of high torque, traceable, and critical bolting systems for the Energy Services sector: Wind Power, Solar, Nuclear, Mining, and more. AcraDyne’s portfolio ranges from 1 – 17,000 Nm. Its cutting-edge high torque bolting systems are specifically designed for critical high torque bolting applications that demand superior performance and durability. AcraDyne tools can handle the toughest and most important bolting jobs. The faster speed, coupled with its extreme accuracy, makes AcraDyne’s bolting system an outstanding cost-effective investment.

AcraDyne strives to be recognized as an innovative global solutions provider that passionately embraces new ideas and seeks to transform technologies for a sustainable future. AcraDyne provides ergonomic and innovative DC Tool and Data Management Systems for our customers to fasten safety and effectively across a wide range of industries such as Automotive, Energy Services, Agriculture, and Electronics.

Safety is essential in every step of the manufacturing process, starting with the safety of the tool operator on the assembly line to safety of the consumer driving the vehicle. AcraDyne provides solutions tailored to project specifications enhancing quality with traceable data proof.

Specializing in custom-engineered solutions and with more than 800 possible configurations, AcraDyne provides the most complete portfolio of high-capability bolting solutions

Customer success is our #1 priority. AcraDyne partners with you through the entire project lifecycle. Our custom-engineered solutions ensure that each application meets productivity and accuracy requirements. Our superior tool design means AcraDyne tools are not only powerful, but also durable and reliable, which is good for your budget. AcraDyne collaboration has helped thousands of customers build a seamless assembly process so they can focus on their main goal — creating a quality product.