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Primus Power is a leader in low-cost, grid-scale electrical energy storage solutions with a safe, scalable, distributed flow battery system that economically serves multiple storage applications. With patented innovations in chemistry, cell design and system engineering, the Company’s products offer exceptional power density and portability at industry-low prices.

Primus is the only company to receive government grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), and the California Energy Commission (CEC). Its technology stands to revolutionize the economics, stability and security of the electric grid, while accelerating the integration of renewable wind and solar energy.

Technology Description:
A system that incorporates both WIND and SOLAR inputs will require a considerably smaller battery than one with sole power source of either option.

Hybrid Solutions WIND/PV extend the life expectancy of a battery bank due to consistent flow of energy not allowing your system to drop below the recommended 50% depth of discharge.

Hybrid Solutions WIND/PV allow for year round energy supply and consistency. The main focus is to know which resource you have more often and when (winter/summer & day /evening). This will allow you to outfit a system which maximizes on optimal energy supply as well as focusing on long-term life and usage of your solution and how each component contributes and when.

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