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Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Detroit, Bengaluru, London, and Shanghai, AMP is a global leader in energy management solutions for e-mobility. Since 2017, AMP has advanced energy and battery management technologies, through industry-leading software, hardware, and the cloud.

AMP continues to push mobility further from intelligent battery management platforms to robust fast-charging systems and complete cloud solutions.With more than 300 years of cumulative experience in the industry, the AMP team is curating the world’s safest and most robust energy management solutions for e-mobility.

Most people are excited about mobility becoming “electrified.” At AMP, we’re excited about electrification’s role, not just in mobility, but in our entire lives. We see mobility as a piece of a bigger puzzle to 360 degrees of clean energy.

AMP has developed an operating system for e-mobility to harness this energy on the vehicle and through the vehicle to power our customers’ needs. We call it a “Power Wall on Wheels.” We leverage know-how in connected battery management, charging, and cloud technologies to develop an integrated solution, an ecosystem, and an operating system, for next-generation technology in micro-mobility, automotive, ridesharing, drones, heavy industrial machinery, and high-speed and hypersonic transportation.

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