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In developed countries, like the US, extreme weather conditions have demonstrated the need for distributed power that will not fail when the central power system goes out or is destroyed. Likewise, in developing countries, like India, whose primary grid for urban areas fails daily, and massively; there is a rural population of 400 Million with no electricity. Industrialized or developing, urban or rural, the only feasible way to reach all of these populations, and simultaneously support the primary grid, is through distributed power. 360 Power Group’s variable speed, direct drive generators, are fully scalable, and grow arithmetically, not logrithmetically as they get larger. They have direct application with wind turbines, water flow and tidal power generation. When used as an electric motor, the unit significantly extends battery range, because the motor’s patented “switchable coils” allows the unit to operate with hundreds or thousands of electronic gearing positions, thus always operate most efficiently.

Technology Description:
The 360 Power 40kW Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA) is significantly smaller, lighter and more efficient than a conventional 40kW wound-field generator. Table 1 provides a comparison based on published data from Cummins for an 1800 rpm, 60 Hz generator, not including engine or controls. The size of the 360 Power machine compared to the traditional alternator is notable. The 360 Power Permanent Magnet Machine is a unique combination of motor technologies that creates a new category. It is a combination of Radial Flux PMA, Axial Flux PMA, Toroidal Alternator, Dual-Rotor Alternator, and Transverse-Flux Alternator.

Currently Seeking:
Joint Venture, Strategic/Equity Alliance, Direct Investment

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