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Transportation accounts for nearly 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. WattEV, a company dedicated to catalyzing change where it’s most needed, is spearheading a comprehensive innovative solution in the heavy-duty transportation sector. They are integrating necessary factors and software with hardware to build an entire ecosystem for heavy-duty trucks, accelerating the electrification of medium and heavy-duty transport to meet the demands of the transportation industry. Watt EV is the first enterprise in the global market to offer infrastructure and Transport as a Service (TaaS) fleets, ensuring market success and profitability through a combination of business and technological innovation.

WattEV’s mission is to accelerate the transition of truck transportation to zero emissions. They combine business and technological innovations to create charging infrastructure and data-driven workflows, offering truck drivers and fleet operators the lowest total cost of ownership. By the end of 2030, WattEV aims to have 12,000 heavy-duty electric trucks on California roads.

In May 2023, WattEV completed the largest public truck charging plaza in the United States at the busiest port, the Port of Long Beach. The public charging station has a capacity of 5 megawatts, capable of charging 26 heavy-duty electric trucks simultaneously. The Port of Long Beach currently uses Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors with each truck capable of charging at a power of up to 360 kilowatts. CCS systems are the current charging standard for heavy-duty electric trucks. When trucks with megawatt charging capability become available, the Port of Long Beach charging plaza plans to add four more direct-current electric truck parking spaces equipped with Megawatt Charging Systems (MCS), rated for charging power up to 1.2 megawatts. WattEV has successfully developed a prototype of the MCS charger. MCS is expected to become the global standard for rapid charging of medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, reducing typical charging times to less than 30 minutes. WattEV’s ambitious development plans include building more heavy-duty charging facilities and expanding their fleet of electric heavy-duty trucks, aiming to become the most influential zero-emission heavy-duty truck ecosystem.