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FreeWire builds modular & distributed energy storage for commercial applications. On top of that hardware, we’re developing an energy management application layer capable of aggregated peak shaving, load shaping, and demand response.

Technology Description:
FreeWire uses second-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to build mobile energy storage systems that deliver energy where and when it’s needed. The Mobi Charger can top off 4-5 cars on a single charge and is not tied to a specific parking spot – EV drivers are now free to park anywhere they want in the lot. It mitigates the issues plaguing traditional fixed charging stations by avoiding expensive construction projects, allowing much higher utilization of EV charging assets, and preventing time wasted rotating cars through specific parking spots. Instead of bringing cars to the charging, we’re bringing charging to the cars, using a service-based business model that eliminates large capital expenditures. Building managers no longer need to sink money into systems that will end up as stranded assets at facilities that are often leased. Mobi Chargers allow EV charging infrastructure to be scaled up in a matter of days vs. months, and provide the additional benefit of using off-peak energy to service vehicles. This can amount to significant savings over the course of a year for companies subject to demand charges. The Mobi Gen is a drop-in replacement for traditional diesel generators with the added benefits of being completely clean, quiet, and safe. There are only a couple of large players in the diesel generator market and thus very little innovation, so our solution provides the kind of disruption that will make customers demand a premium product. Mobi Gens can be recharged overnight and then deployed anywhere power is needed: film sets, events, construction sites, and even disaster recovery. All these applications involve high densities of people, which makes clean and quiet power that much more valuable.

Currently Seeking:
Strategic/Equity Alliance, Direct Investment, Contract Manufacturing, Pilot/Demonstration Project

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