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AGREATE is a clean energy company founded in 2017 by a group of scientists & engineers who strive to offer zero emissions clean energy solutions making renewable energy affordable and accessible for all. Our products are based on the BESS technology: this is a technology developed for storing electric charge by using specially developed batteries, which in our case are Li-On batteries. In each of our products, the batteries are placed together and ordered in an enclosed space, so as to consume as little space as possible. This kind of honeycomb design is a space-efficient and strong structure.

Our battery racks are conceived in the same way; assembled to contain single units, they have the task of being as compact, safe and tidy as possible, and of being a source of energy for human beings.

Our basic unit is the 9.2 KwH Battery Pack, which added up in different quantities makes up products with different degrees of electrical power. AGREATE’s products include ATEN Commercial Battery Packs, Commercial & Industrial Battery Racks, ATEN 50kW BESS, ATEN 100kW BESS, ATEN 250kW BESS, ATEN 500kW BESS. AGREATE also offers Solar Energy EV Charging Stations that are cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to operate. Each charging station is designed for the future of electric vehicles. AGREATE has set up sales office in China, and its current customers are mainly commercial buildings and factories.

AGREATE is the global renewable energy company that offers a cost-effective all-in-one battery management system for worldwide businesses and homeowners to save money on the installation and time on the maintenance of energy systems. Our battery systems in fact are able to support solar energy and wind energy. We strongly believe that energy from natural sources must be the future, and our own vision is to help people make this energy transition.

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