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AllCell manufactures lithium-ion battery packs for customers who demand longevity and safety. Our customers are reinventing the way the electric grid operates, vehicles are powered, and information is transmitted. AllCell batteries are used in cutting edge applications from the stratosphere to the depths of the sea and range in size from handheld to grid scale. When companies need an innovative battery solution, they come to AllCell first.

Technology Description:
AllCell’s Naked™ batteries are simplicity at its finest. Ideally suited for customers who would like to avoid investing in a custom-designed solution, Naked packs are built with basic high quality components, keeping costs low while delivering premium performance. Every Naked battery is protected by AllCell’s proprietary PCC™ thermal management material, optimizing cycle life and safety.

The lithium-ion cells in the battery pack are placed in direct contact with PCC. As the pack heats up, the graphite acts as a thermal conductor and spreads the heat evenly throughout the pack, avoiding hot spots and ensuring temperature uniformity. Once the temperature reaches the melting point of the PCC, all additional thermal energy is absorbed by the melting process rather than continuing to raise the temperature. In this way the melting point of the PCC sets a temperature ceiling that cannot be exceeded until all of the PCC is melted (see graph below). Even though the PCC is “melting” the composite material itself remains solid even at extremely high temperatures and nothing leaks out. By selecting different raw materials and designing with each product’s lithium-ion chemistry and duty cycle in mind, AllCell can control the maximum temperature in each pack to ensure optimal performance and extended cycle life.

Currently Seeking:
Direct Sales (Exports), Joint Venture, Strategic/Equity Alliance, Contract Manufacturing, Pilot/Demonstration Project

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