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Cenntro Automotive is an emerging automotive company positioned to become a global leader providing a new class of an All-Electric compact utility vehicles Unlike traditional automotive manufacturers which require enormous capital intensive complex assembly facilities and complicated dealer-based distribution networks, Cenntro is leveraging modern technologies and business models to a unique vehicle to provide a differentiated approach to how a vehicle is engineered, designed, manufactured, distributed and serviced. The Company has established a solid platform that incorporates advanced technology development, a global supply chain, production, marketing, sales, and service.

Technology Description:
Cenntro Automotive designs and manufacturers electric, commercial and passenger vehicles. Based in the United States with operations in France, Cenntro Automotive aims to become the global industry leader in production of highly efficient vehicles that reach 200+ MPGe. Cenntro Automotive’s product line-up includes the versatile Citelec and the KOMBI EV, both zero emission lightweight electric commercial vehicles that offer smart choices for maintenance, delivery and light cargo transport, and can be used in a variety of environments including parks, warehouses, farms, resorts, campuses, industrial facilities, and airports.

Cenntro Automotive is uniquely dedicated to developing vehicles that are characterized by ground-breaking design, maximum efficiency and performance. The combination of Cenntro’s expertise and its ability to work with strategic partners allows it to develop vehicles that bring forward new standards for functionality, size, and safety and affordability.

Currently Seeking:
Direct Sales (Exports), Joint Venture

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