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Arcimoto was founded in October 2007; aim to develop products that help catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. Arcimoto’s mission is to develop electric vehicle products and technologies that catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. The name Arcimoto means “Future I Drive” and is the brand identity of the next generation of drivers.

Technology Description:
Arcimoto has designed and built seven electric vehicle prototype generations to validate key vehicle subsystems and basic product capabilities. The company’s development has yielded a new ultra-efficient electric vehicle platform with winning ride characteristics: agile, stable, and viscerally engaging.

The Company is currently developing the 8th generation SRK. Version 8 will incorporate production intent drive train, battery and industrial design and will achieve the sub-1,000lbs curb weight, range and speed for the needs of the daily driver, and a 104” target length.

The overall manufacturing target in three years is 40+ vehicles a day (Approx. 10,000 +/year), locally. Arcimoto expansion plan is to license the business to emerging markets, who will manufacture and sell the vehicles in their region. Arcimoto plans to bring a new brand, new ultra-efficient clean vehicles, and next-generation electric vehicle battery and drive train technologies to China. We are seeking partner(s) with vehicle manufacturing and distribution capabilities to build and sell Arcimoto products and technologies in the China market. We seek productive, creative, mutually beneficial relationships that help local communities, families and businesses in participating regions grow and be healthy.

Currently Seeking:
Joint Venture, Licensing Technology, Contract Manufacturing

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