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cool planet

Cool Planet is a technology company that develops sustainable products to address energy, food, and water. It commercializes a groundbreaking technology that produces engineered biocarbon and renewable, carbon-negative fuel from biomass. It simplifies decarbonisation for the world’s  most complex organisations. Decarbonizing business: CoolPlanet’s decarbonisation software, Clarity™ can integrate with your systems and utilities, enabling you to measure, manage and reduce your company’s emissions with ease, using a single platform.

Decarbonizing transport: Manage the transition to electric vehicle fleets, optimise your new EV fleet, and integrate it into your business, safely and efficiently. Optimise performance and maximise energy efficiency across your fleet.

Decarbonizing energy: Our on-site generation and storage solutions can decarbonise your energy and benefit your bottom line. We look after everything from green energy brokering and battery storage, to demand response and solar arrays.

Decarbonizing supply chain: 360 enables you to capture data and turn it into actionable strategies to deliver climate targets for you and your supply chain. Manage compliance with reporting covering scopes 1, 2 & 3, SECR, ESOS, and energy traceability.

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