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EPC Power is a San Diego (Poway, CA) USA based manufacturer and designer of grid forming bi-directional inverters and DCDC converters for solar, wind, flywheel, automotive, and alternative fueled generators. EPC Power is a power electronics OEM of grid connected and heavy automotive equipment. Product sizes range from 30kW to over 10MW. EPC designs and manufactures fully functional microgrid, energy storage, automotive, DCDC converter power electronic technologies that enable OEMs and system integrators to accelerate beyond their competition. Manufactured in the USA.

EPC’s microgrid LC modules accept a wide range DC input from a battery or other DC source, and produce clean AC power to nearly any load, building, or remote facility. Microgrid modules accept a wide input DC voltage range, while also seamlessly connecting to practically any grid voltage. The LC module is designed to enable you to deploy high-performance microgrids and UPS-style parallel backup. Integrating generation, battery energy storage, and utility or generator sources has never been easier. With automatic grid synchronization, the LC line of modules only require commands from your system controller. They are designed from the ground-up to be both reliable as well as easily integrated into your larger system.

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