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I2m stands for Innovation to Market. We believe it’s our responsibility to increase the sustainability of the world’s natural resources. Access to clean air is more important than ever. Air pollution poses a major threat to our health and our climate from harmful gases in our cities and infectious viruses inside our public spaces. Given global circumstances around the world, our current portfolio assists in protecting indoor air quality and separating the good from the bad. We adapt quickly to changing market trends and stay at the forefront of our customers’ needs.

Our parent company, MANN+HUMMEL, offers many different products and solutions to tackle these challenges. As an innovative venture within the MANN+HUMMEL Group, our products at i2M complement their global portfolio. Our filters are here to protect. They protect people, they protect assets, and they protect the environment that we work in. Our goal is to make our products perform exceptionally well in real world applications and utilize the lowest amount of energy while doing so.

Through our internal IoT project teams, we’re able to provide real time information and guidance for improving systems and processes. Whether traditional filtration or IoT solutions, our products separate the useful from the harmful and is an investment in the future.We’re committed to adding value to sustainability through clean air, clean energy, and IoT digital solutions. We make these technologies available to the market in a SIMPLE, FAST, AND EFFECTIVE way.

TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV is a portable air filtration machine designed to effectively remove particulates, germs, and other contaminants commonly found in the air we breathe.This hospital-grade unit can be operated in a stand-alone configuration, constantly cleaning and recirculating the interior air volume. It can also be used with the included collar to duct the airflow outside, enabling a negative pressure environment.

Our ion exchange filter, the PROTECT+ion Omniflow. “Protection” is our mission, and the name “Omniflow” comes from our unique ability of this filter to be mounted in any orientation without sacrificing performance. This ion exchange filter has been widely adopted by hydrogen fuel cell OEM’s and integrators worldwide. We protect your fuel cell coolant loop by keeping the conductivity to a bare minimum. The PROTECT+ion Omniflow filter comes in four sizes.

Through our internal IoT venture project teams, we’re able to provide real time information and guidance for improving systems and processes. Currently, our IoT ventures include qlair, Senzit HD, and Streametric. However, we are regularly adding new teams and projects to our portfolio.

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