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The Enviconn Group, along with its independent brand companies (CBE, TISUN ITASCA, etc.), has a history of over 40 years. Several founders of the group come from longstanding consulting firms and research organizations in the global environmental sector. Currently headquartered in Houston, Texas, the center of the global petrochemical industry, CBE, located in New Jersey, is recognized as a pioneer and leader in the field of combustion furnaces, particularly in the production and regeneration of activated carbon, sludge incineration, and mineral calcination technologies. It has over 30 application cases in North America. Since its invention in the United States a century ago, multi-hearth furnace technology has been continuously developed and improved upon, becoming the preferred technology for mineral calcination, activated carbon manufacturing and regeneration, sludge incineration, and other fields worldwide. The loss rate of regenerated activated carbon in a multi-hearth furnace is only 10-20% of that in conventional rotary kilns, and the quality of regenerated carbon is even better than new carbon. Combined with our extensive experience in fluidized bed technology and complete exhaust gas treatment systems, we provide excellent solutions for the final treatment of sludge and waste in the environmental field.

In response to the problem of ineffective treatment of dispersed small-scale VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions in current air pollution control, the Enviconn Group focuses on promoting unique innovative internal combustion engine combustion technology. It also introduces small-scale integrated mobile treatment equipment that has been maturely applied in dozens of states in the United States, as well as in the Netherlands, Scotland, Australia, and other regions. This equipment successfully solves the inconvenience of traditional VOC adsorbent regeneration and enables mobile on-site regeneration, ensuring a pollutant removal efficiency of up to 99.9%. The treated VOC exhaust gas concentration is < 21.4 mg/m3 or 30 ppm, calculated as methane.

All equipment, including core components, are personally designed and supervised for manufacturing by the engineering team of the Enviconn Group. We have an experienced engineering and technical team that provides full-process services from solution design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning to personnel training and after-sales maintenance, earning a good reputation among customers worldwide.