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FLUTe was founded in 1996 by Carl Keller, principal scientist, to apply the unique attributes of inverting/everting flexible liners to underground measurements and other uses. The quality of construction, performance, and cost effectiveness of our flexible liner systems are why our customers keep returning.

FLUTe hydrological technology uses a unique eversion / inversion flexible liner. FLUTe system can be used to assess groundwater resources, polluted groundwater investigation, detection mine hydrogeological conditions, as well as design-related environmental remediation program. The liner is usually made of polyurethane (RNHCOOR ‘) coated nylon material, a tubular shape. The diameter is slightly larger than the holes. This flexible liner effectively seals the borehole wall; through the liner, the investigation can be carried out in a sealed borehole; through the liner, the additional device can be firmly fixed to the borehole wall, so as to effectively isolate adjacent survey points; liner can be simple to disassemble, placed on a borehole for a few hours or even years; pressure difference over the liner can make liner become so close to the borehole wall for the long-term expansion The liner is used for sealing walls, surveying groundwater pollution, collecting groundwater samples through single seal holes (or no conduit) in multiple height positions, measuring multiple height positions discrete groundwater levels by single boreholes, and surveying uncased borehole casing or transparent rate distribution.

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