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sentro tech

SENTRO Technologies USA, LLC provides unique innovative technical services to the Oil&Gas, Petroleum, and Energy industries – oil refineries, LNG plants, petrochemical plants, and power plants. We mainly operate in North America – USA (all 50 States) and Canada.

We also run projects in Latin America (Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Bolivia), the Middle East (Saudi, Turkey), Asia (India, Thailand, Malaysia), and Australia.

Sentro is the owner of several approved and pending patents – system, method and chemistry – in the fields of online dry chemical cleaning, vapor phase decontamination and structural health assessment and inspection of concrete and steel structures. Sentro is the only company in the U.S. to provide these services.  Our technology provides immediate energy savings and increased production output by improving the thermal efficiency and the operational sustainability of critical process equipment, specifically cooling and heating systems – furnaces, heat recovery systems, heaters, boilers, and air coolers.

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