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Product Recovery Management, Inc. (PRM) was founded in 1990 and is owned by Robert M. Phillips, Jr. (Mel), and Brian J. Phillips. The company was a subsidiary of Phillips Electric Co. of Durham, Inc. and was incorporated after the Phillips brothers purchased the company from their parents. What started as an electrical contracting business in 1976 has merged into a well established environmental remediation and landfill gas company with over 40 years of history and experience.

Phillips Electric Company of Durham, Inc. operated as a local electrical contracting firm specializing in residential and commercial wiring. In the late 80′s, PEC wired service stations for a local petroleum marketer but also addressed underground storage tank spill issues. PRM become a subsidiary of PEC after a huge gas spill was threatening a small creek bed near Hillsborough, NC. Product Recovery Management met the challenge and prevented a major contamination of the local drinking water. As time went on, PRM extended its services from NC to most all states in the United States. PRM has remediation and landfill systems operating internationally in Canada, China, Equador, India, and Saudi Arabia.

PRM is one of the nation’s only Equipment Integrators who is Third Party Certified to manufacture our Treatment Systems and Equipment to UL and NFPA standards. PRM provides equipment and services to the Remediation and Landfill Gas Industries. We also serve several niche industries with customized research and development solutions.

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