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Manufacturer of environmental treatment equipment with focus on the environmental remediation and landfill gas marketplaces. PRM has been in the industry since 1990. We recognize the environmental impacts and energy potential in the Landfill Gas Market and we offer a diverse array of products that will help manage your project with effective results.

PRM is one of the nation’s only Equipment Integrators who is Third Party Certified to manufacture our Treatment Systems and Equipment to UL and NFPA standards. PRM provides equipment and services to the Remediation and Landfill Gas Industries. We also serve several niche industries with customized research and development solutions. Even though we are an International Company, we still provide our customers with a family operated state of the art expertise unmatched by any other company.

Technology Description:
PRM has expert field crews and master technicians for working on remediation projects. They have installed remediation systems across the United States and Canada utilizing many different technologies and configurations.

Currently Seeking:
Direct Sales (Exports), Joint Venture, Strategic/Equity Alliance

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