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Ionomr develops and markets ion-exchange membrane and polymer solutions for clean technology solutions including fuel cells, hydrogen production, and a range of energy storage applications. The Company’s R&D and manufacturing facilities are based in Vancouver, Canada – the worldwide hub for fuel cell research and development. Ionomr has set up office in US as well.

Ionomr Innovations manufactures Aemion™, the most durable and high-performance anion exchange product on the market. Aemion™ is stable in both highly basic and strongly acidic environments, providing a marked improvement in product life cycle, even in the harshest operating conditions. The company also manufactures Pemion™, a breakthrough proton exchange membrane (and cation exchange) and polymer product (PEM & CEM). Pemion represents a fundamental shift in the approach to proton exchange technology through its migration from Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid (PFSA) chemistry to environmentally-benign hydrocarbon materials while maintaining maximum durability.

Ionomr’s game changing membrane and polymer products are poised to take advantage of near-term growth opportunities in the burgeoning clean-tech sector thanks to their high efficiency, durability and cost-effectiveness. Produced using hydrocarbon materials and a revolutionary polymer structure, Ionomr’s polymer-based solutions avoid a vast range of environmental problems associated with the production, use and disposal of fluorine-containing polymers predominantly used in clean technologies today.

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