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Mi Terro is a synthetic biology material company that create home compostable, plastic-alternative biomaterials made from plant-based agricultural waste.

Mi Terro uses a selection of biopolymers and natural fibers with the aim to maximize the use of side streams, second generation (non-food feedstock) and certified biomasses.

We are not turning agricultural waste into beverage or snack like other companies. Instead, we re-engineer protein compounds in low-value wastes and replace single-use plastic and paper materials while giving additional incomes to farmers all around the world.

Unlike current alternatives to microplastics, which are based on plant polysaccharides, such as cellulose and algae, Mi Terro’s plant protein materials do not rely on chemical cross-linking for their performance. This enables them to decompose quickly and completely in the natural environment. Our proprietary technology re-engineers agricultural waste into plastic-alternative biomaterials. Our biomaterial is monolayer, is 20-40% cheaper than other bio-based and fossil-based feedstocks at pilot level, home compostable, ocean degradable, heat sealable, excellent water and oxygen barrier, low thickness, and potentially edible. Not only can our technology apply to flexible and rigid packaging, but it can also be used as ingredient for pet food.

Visit the company’s website.