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Puralytics has developed a next generation advanced oxidation process, AOP PLUS, using light energy to activate an advanced nanotechnology coated mesh. Water is purified through simultaneous photochemical reactions, creating hydroxyl radicals and destroying emerging contaminants such as volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals; while also sterilizing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. There are no chemical additives and 100% of the water is purified. Puralytics® products using the AOP PLUS technology, SolarBag and Shield, set new standards for sustainability, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Puralytics’ ® core technologies are advanced oxidation process (AOP) reactors using a proprietary catalyst material and light energy to generate hydroxyl radicals to purify water. The nanomaterial is not consumed or broken down, minimizing chemicals and eliminating water waste associated with traditional chemical and physical water treatment technologies. Contaminants are destroyed instead of concentrated, minimizing the disposal problems associated with traditional water treatment technologies. Conventional AOP technology was only developed four decades ago but is already widely used for destroying contaminants. The Puralytics version using photochemical oxidation, generates powerful hydroxyl radicals which are established to:

  • Destroy volatile organic chemicals
  • Destroy pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals
  • Destroy or inactivate pathogens
  • Advanced Oxidation PLUS is:
  • SIMPLE – Without the complexity of other AOPs- chemical feed, pressurized ozone or hydrogen peroxide
  • SCALABLE- Other AOPs are not simple or inexpensive systems.
  • SAFE- UVA Wavelengths used are safe and aoidd bromate and nitrite formation
  • SUSTAINABLE- No Mercury UV lamps to replace (or break) each yearSECURE- No chemicals needed, simple cartridge replacement

The AOP PLUS also delivers additional oxidative power created through the nano particle photocatalytic reaction used in the Puralytics AOP PLUS process. This higher level oxidative energy degrades additional hard to remove pollutants and contaminants which other AOPs and granular activated carbon cannot remove and can be used in to meet difficult to achieve regulatory or compliance standards for a wide range of pollutants. Puralytics’® products set a new standard for simplicity, sustainability, ease of operation, use and cost-effectiveness.

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